Raymond EsparzaI am a freelance web designer and number one developer, designer, and all around trouble-shooter at Esparza Web Design.

I started web design and development as a hobby building personal web sites for myself and a few friends. Through several years of study, experimentation, and exploration of the many technologies being used on the web, I  learned many programming languages, including various server platforms and configurations, graphic creation, photo optimization techniques, and search engine optimization. Applying this new knowledge I found I could actually earn some money in this field of work. Eventually I started to take on small to medium sized web projects for personal and small business web sites.

WordPress has become one of my specialties. This software has become very popular due to its versatility and usability, especially as a content management system. WordPress allows clients to do their own updating and editing of their website’s content without having to understand the programming and coding behind it all.

Thank you for your interest,

Raymond Esparza