Installation of software that is compatible with WordPress. There are many great plugins for WordPress that can expand the abilities and functions of a web site.

Add a Blog or Discussion Forum

Adding a blog type of feature to your site can help visitors to understand you and what your site has to offer. It can be used to help sell your products or services by displaying promotional materials, reviews, tutorials, testimonials, and other types of content.

Need a discussion board or support forum added? This kind of software is a good way to get users to discuss topics and issues related to your site and its content. It is also commonly used as a support forum for products where users can find help, information, tutorials, and get questions answered by other users and your staff.

E-commerce systems

Need to start selling your products online? Whether you already have a web site and want to add an online store, or your goal is to have the new store as the main site, we can get that done for you.

We like to use Prestashop or Zen-Cart as the core software package for online stores we create. These open-source programs are stable, secure, and have all the standard features that any online store would require. We are not trying to re-invent the wheel here, so using these software packages allows for quicker implementation saving time and money. Creating a custom shopping cart system can easily run into the tens of thousands of dollars to be custom programmed.

Prestashop and Zen-Cart already have the majority of features you will need for just about any type of online store. Using these software platforms allows the majority of the work to be spent on creating the desired style and theme for the site, and proper installation and configuration to meet your business requirements.

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