The search engines (e.g. Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) are looking for pages that best fit the keyword phrase someone types into their search box. Proper construction of a web site and the process of selecting targeted keywords that reflect the content of a web site will greatly improve a web site’s chances of being found and visited.

Web site architecture and navigation need to be built with SEO in mind from the very beginnings of the site design. A site needs to be kept “crawler friendly” by giving the search engine “robots” something to read and index for future reference. Flash, JavaScript links, and images are unreadable by these “bots”. Compelling copy with keywords and phrases sprinkled within the web pages greatly improve a web site’s success. Search engines need to read keyword-rich copy on your pages so they can understand how to index your site.

Search Engine Optimization is really an art and a science, which, because of the technology, is constantly evolving. Esparza Web Design makes sure your new web site is constructed with SEO in mind. Site architecture, navigation hierarchy, index-able content, and image optimization are all part the process of building your site.

If I build it, won’t they just come?

SEO does not end after the construction of your site. It is necessary to keep the search engines interested in your site so it continues to rank among all the other sites competing within your same field of business. Esparza Web Design can advise you on how to go about keeping search engine traffic coming to your site but it will be up to you, the client, to follow through with Search Engine Marketing (SEM).