Depending on what type of web programming your site is built upon, most will eventually need to be updated. Commonly used CMS systems like WordPress get regular updates, as do the plugins that go along with those systems.

Listed below are some basic web site maintenance procedures that should be completed on a regular basis.  As part of the Website Maintenance Service these procedures will be completed for you.

Website Maintenance Service Monthly fee: $50.00  >> Sign-up Now

Included Maintenance Services:

  • Monthly Site Back-up
  • Software updates
  • Database Back-up*
  • Content updates*

Site File Back-up:  We make monthly backup of your site’s core files.  Every web site has core files that are required in order to function and display. The core files may not change as often as the site’s content, especially with dynamic, database driven sites, but those files are needed to get your site back up and running. Unfortunately, some people enjoy damaging a site, causing destruction of files and databases. But with a copy of the files and database back-up, it is possible to get your site up and running again, quickly.

Software Updates: We will apply updates (core and plugins) as they come available for your site’s CMS system. These updates are important and some can be urgent as it may be for a known security vulnerability. Of course, some of these updates are designed to add features and/or improve functionality and performance of the software.

Database Back-ups*: We will create a backup of your site’s database each month twice for higher traffic sites.  It is important to periodically back up databases in order to protect the data from being lost from server failure or hack.

*Only WordPress CMS software databases of up to 100MB; larger databases will be charged an additional fee depending on size of database.

Content Updates*: These updates are mainly to preexisting  pages on the covered site. Theses updates may include content such as: text, images, photos, and some video, or music.  However, it  does not include adding new pages, layout changes or adding new features. Such additional work will be billed separately.

*Limited to only 2 content updates per month;  Additional updates will be billed at an hourly rate. Does not include adding products to sales sites.

Website Maintenance Service Monthly fee: $50.00 >> Sign-up Now

Note: Login credentials for your site’s administrator control panel and hosting account will be required in order to apply this service.


Hourly rate : $50.00.

All time will be billed by 30 minute increments.