New installation

We specialize in WordPress installations and customization. Whether you are starting from scratch and simply need the software installed, or need new features added to a current site, adjusted, or repaired, we can help you. Get a new WordPress web site estimate.

Update  WordPress

WordPress allows you to make software updates directly from within the administration control panel. However, some users have difficulties attempting these updates or afraid to make a mistake and damage or even destroy their web site. Never fear, we are here to take care of that for you. We can do the update for you or we can walk you through the process and teach you how to do it yourself. Get help updating WordPress estimate

Convert to WordPress Software

Still have a web site that only your web designer can edit? Converting to a CMS system would be beneficial. Most basic web sites can be converted into the WordPress software system. Not all web sites can be readily converted, it will depend on the site layout, navigation structure, dynamic content and possibly other factors. Once a web site is converted,you will have the ability to edit the site’s content all by yourself.  Of course, there are other CMS types of software out there, but we believe WordPress is currently the best of the lot, and in our opinion, the most user friendly. Not only is it appropriate for smaller, personal sites and small businesses, but it is commonly used on many popular, heavy traffic sites for major magazines and corporations. Get a WordPress website conversion quote.